Food Grade (FDA & USDA) Coating

We are food grade coatings for a vast quantity of food manufacturer / processor and our coatings can be found throughout Europe & Asia in customers’ subsidiary plants.

Industrial Grade Coating

The high-performance PTFE & non-stick coatings for the cooker and household appliance industries through the professional engineer team

About us

Professional manufacturer for water base coating

Shenzhen SOVIFOR Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for water base coating, solvent-base coating, silicon non stick coating, Teflon coatings, PTFE coatings.

Our factory had been since 2003 and We own our brand "CORILON" for many years and our customers comes from MID-east; Southeast Asia; Germany and so on.

All of our items are suitable for the kitchenware; cookware and other Industrial filed.

All the items approved for the certificates as FDA; LFGB; RoHS . We can offer the service for excellent release and durability that will stand up to intensive use in most kitchen. The items color are acceptable as your require.


Coatings FAQS

the high-performance non-stick coatings for the cooker and household appliance industries through the professional engineer team

How many layer for coating ?

Single, two-layer, three-layer for your choice

Which base material can be used for ?

Aluminum ,Stainless steel , Carbon steel , Iron, etc .

What is your MOQ?


Can we visit your factory ?

You are warmly welcomed to visit our factory , it would be our great pleasure

Can I do an OEM?


How do i shipping ?

by air & by ocean .

What the technical term for coating ?

Teflon coating , Non stick coating material , Industrial coating , tefal coating , PTFE coating

Do your coatings come in different colours?

Yes, we can provide a range of colours

ssPreeminent Manufacturer of Food and Industrial Grade Coatings - SOVIFOR

ISO 9001, RoHS, FDA and USDA certified, Shenzhen SOVIFOR Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd serves the food and industrial industry with the most premium quality food and industrial grade coatings. The purpose of making a food-grade coating is to give non-stick properties to the cookware. Provide them the ability to resist extreme hot and cold temperatures. Make them unaffected by any oil, fat, water, steam, etc., and provide them the needed protection for every food equipment. Similarly, our industrial-grade coating gives industrial items qualities like corrosion resistance, weather resistance, durability, attractive appearance, etc. We offer a variety of food and industrial grade coatings such as water base coating, solvent-base coating, silicone nonstick coating, Teflon coating, and PTFE coating. The qualities of our coatings are unmatchable as it is certified by FDA, LFGB, and RoHS – top-tier food and industrial grade coatings.

Explore Our Wide Range of Coated Food and Industrial Use Products:

Apart from the variety of coatings you can get at Sovifor, we offer a wide range of products for food and industrial use coated with any of our layers. The food-related products include tool scissors coated with non-stick coating, interior cookware coated with nonstick coating, and exterior cookware coated with non-stick coating. Other than this, we offer ceramic coating, special coating for heat-emitting tubes, special high-temperature resistant coating. We also provide hair rollers and hairdressing coating here. Moving on to industrial-grade covering, we provide special PTFE coating for molds, textile machine roller, screw coating, anti-corrosion coating for the pipeline, and anticorrosive coating for the industrial barrel. These are just the highlighted aspects of our entire food and industrial grade coatings and products.

How Are We at Sovifor Making a Difference?

Properties like inadhesion, frictional resistance, heat resistance, curing temperature, and corrosion resistance are the crucial features of food and industrial grade coatings. Our engineers have put their unceasing efforts and skills in maintaining the standards for all these properties in our coatings; therefore, we meet all the national and international standards of food and industrial grade coatings. We give you a choice to choose the number of coatings for your products, single layer, two-layer, three-layer all your choice. Our common base materials include aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, and much more. You can get a variety of colors, monochromes, and sprinklings for your products; the more the choices, the better.

Perks Of Purchasing from Us:


The minimum order quantity is what customers keep looking for; choosing us will fulfill your requirement of the lowest minimum order quantity as we have it as low as 20kg only. You can also choose us for OEM as we also provide excellent OEM service for anyone and everyone. There will be no hustle-bustle related to shipping and delivery as we offer quality shipping for your products either by air or water, whatever suits you. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now and get the finest food and industrial-grade coatings for your products.