We Offer Top-Class Quality Water-Based PTFE Coatings

Shenzhen SOVIFOR Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd is a reputable and well-known company that has gained quite a lot of popularity in a brief span of time for its water-based PTFE coatings. We make water-based coatings of both food and industrial grade in the most premium quality of international standards. These coatings are perfect to use for shoe molding, tire molding, ball molding, textile printing, dyeing drum, rubber mold, and more of the same things. They do not just provide nonstick qualities but are also water-resistant and inflammable. Their chemical resistance is exceptional, and they give the ability of low friction. All in all, if you are looking best nonstick PTFE water-based coatings for any of industrial or food-related purposes, then we have got you covered.

Explore The Extensive Range of Water-Based Coatings

We guarantee that our water-based coatings won’t wear out as we make them highly durable. They remain unaffected by ultraviolet rays, oxidation, discoloration, embrittlement, and effects that usually happen with water-based coatings. Therefore, the best water-based PTFE coatings for food and industrial use. First off, we have industrial green water base nonstick coating, then food-grade coating for cookware. The last is a green industrial water-based coating applied to show mold. All these coatings are certified by FDA, LFGB, REACH, and ROHS. These will enhance your experience twofold and give you a higher level of performance.

Why Should You Choose Us?


There is no doubt about the quality of our water-based PTFE coatings. It is undoubtedly the best. We are not saying this only because we have made it but because these coatings have certifications. They match all the international quality standards, and even if someone can reach our quality standard, they won’t be able to sell it at wholesale rates as low as ours. We are specialized in making premium quality coatings and making them perfectly affordable for everyone. The reliable quality of our layers and their reasonable prices have made us the best water-based PTFE coatings provider in the world.